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 moet dit ff ergens kwijt xoxo

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PostSubject: moet dit ff ergens kwijt xoxo   moet dit ff ergens kwijt xoxo EmptySun May 31, 2020 12:51 am

Name: Shrimppaw
Age: 8 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan: RiverClan
Bloodline: 100% RiverClan

Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Parents: Icecream
Siblings: Skadi & Hermitpaw
Mate: x
Offspring: x

Ex-mentor: Littlefish
Mentor: Coyotespirit
Apprentice: x

Fur: Soft, half long, white creamy fur
Eye colour: blue
Nose: pink
Pawpads: pink
Whiskers: white
Tail: fluffy, average length
Build: small but your typical RiverClan build

Shrimppaw has the typical RiverClan build, but is still a bit smaller than the average Apprentice. She will grow more, especially when she grows stronger aswell, because she builds up muscle mass. This will especially been seen in her paws, making her an excellent swimmer. Her fur is soft, white and creamy and shines in the sun. Her eyes are beautifully blue. Her paws are short and her tail has an average length, which is just as soft and fluffy as her fur.

This will be updated once she has developed more :hearts:
Although Shrimppaw was shy and insecure as a kitten, she has grown a lot stronger mentally. She still has bits of insecurity, but she believes a lot more in herself now. This especially is because she has a lot of wonderful cats around her, that show her it's okay to be sad and insecure and that it all will be okay. Shrimppaw now hasn't got the usual remarks her sister would make around her. Yet she still sometimes thinks about her, and tries to do what her sister wanted her to do: to be braver. She still is a bit of a push-over, but forms her own opinions gradually, and stands up for herself more with each day. This results in her sometimes wanting to do things herself, because she wants to show others she can actually do it, and doesn't need the constant help.

sorry for the length ♥

Shrimpkit was born last in a litter of three. The first born was her sister Crabkit, and after her followed her brother Hermitkit. The three really have what you call sibling love. They fight together and have their arguments, where Shrimpkit mostly is in the middle of it. But despite their differences and all that, they truly care for eachother. Shrimpkit loves her brother and sister a lot and she would do anything for them.

Since their biological parents couldn't take care of them they got a fosterdad: Icecream. Shrimpkit thinks he is really nice and she really loves him. She hopes she can do a lot of fun things with him and that he will protect her and help her whenever. She also hopes that he can control Crabkit, since she is a whole lot to everyone. The three siblings also got a grandma now; Icecreams mother Crystalshell. Shrimpkit likes her and hopes to hear a lot of fun stories from her.

In the meantime, when they were 2 moons old, another kitten in the Nursery named Ravenkit attacked their nest while Shrimpkit was the only one there. Shrimpkit thought he was very scary, since he started screaming things about a RavenClan. He also called himself Ravenstar. He wanted their nest for more territory but Shrimpkit refused to give it. He almost attacked her, but luckily her siblings Crabkit and Hermitkit came to the rescue.

Some days later Crabkit announces a war between the two Kitten Clans, since Crabkit now calls herself Crabstar from CrabClan. Shrimpkit was appointed the Medicine Cat of CrabClan by Crabstar. The name her sister gave her was Shrimpbay. Shrimpkit thinks it's all a bit over the top and hopes they can just have peace together, but by the looks of it that won't happen any time soon.

After the so called war, Shrimpkit decides to pay Honorkit a visit, a kitten who shared the same believes as her during the kitten war. Shrimpkit thinks she is very nice and eventually dared to talk to her. They ended up playing and Shrimpkit considers her as a friend now.

During a visit their father Icecream payed, Crabkit proposed the idea of learning how to swim. Their father went with it and not much time later they found themselves in the back of the Nursery, where there is a little bit of the river where kittens can learn how to swim from an early age. Shrimpkit is a little scared at first, but eventually dares to get in. The water reaches to her belly, which she is very proud of. Her father makes the experience all together even more special by complimenting her, saying she's doing it very well.

Not much time later, at the age of 3 Moons, she asks her dad Icecream to accompany her to her journey outside the Nursery. She got sick of the things Crabkit constantly told her and saw in it might indeed be time to discover the world outside of the trusted Nursery. She learns a lot and is happy her dad went with her to show her around, and of course protect her from the scary outside.

When Shrimpkit reached the age of 4 Moons, she noticed her sister Crabkit wasn't around as much. Confused she stumbled upon Honorkit, who was covered in mud and was crying. Concerned, Shrimpkit asked where Crabkit is, which she gets the answer to that she's gone, together with Ravenkit. Shrimpkit learns from her grey friend that they went outside the camp with an Apprentice, Rosepaw, and never returned. Shrimpkit is especially confused and doesn't understand the situation that well, but what she does know is that there's little chance the two kittens will ever return.

During a RiverClan Ceremony she hears that Crabkit and Ravenkit got abducted by a dangerous BloodClanner named Lethal. Of course, Shrimpkit doesn't know Lethal and she knows very little of BloodClan aswell. More so because she avoided the scary stories that got told about them, because they'd frighten her. The Clan is still searching for the Kits, but the little hope Shrimpkit had that Rainpaw gave her almost dissapeared. What if they really don't get back?

Sad about this news, the little kitten walked back to the Nursery, trying to hold back the tears. Yet then her dad Icecream notices her and stops her, which makes her break into the big crying session she needed all this time. Her brother Hermitkit joins them with the heroic thought of going after them to save them. Shrimpkit still has a bit of hope, but her dad makes that go away. He tells them they will do everything they can to bring them back, but the chance they will ever come back is very little.

Shrimpkit doesn't know how to cope with this knowlegde. When she is 5 moons old, she is doubting if she wants to become an Apprentice. She wants to, to learn how to become a Warrior and to search for Crabkit and Ravenkit. But the thought of going outside of the Camp and risk getting abducted aswell makes her scared. What if she isn't strong enough, or what if her dad comes too late?

Due to all of this doubt, a good conversation with her dad and another Warrior named Sorrelpool, made that she is certain she wants to become a Warrior. Though, certain is still a big word. But she gained more confidence and told herself she'd at least try to have fun and make friends. In the meantime she also saw snow for the first time and had a fun time playing around in it with her chosen sister Honorkit and also Whitekit. She also introduces Honorkit for the first time to water, in the little river in the back of the Nursery. She also learns what being blind is actually like, thanks to Faintlight.

Just before she becomes an Apprentice, Honorkit decides to surprise her by putting things from outside in her nest. It is decorated with a twig, a stone, an empty snailhouse and a feather. Her dad Icecream helped to bring it. Shrimpkit is very touched by this and it takes her mind off of the worries she still has about her sister Crabkit.

Speaking of, her dad didn't have good news. He told her and her brother Hermitkit that he has spoken to Crabkit. Her name is now Skadi, and she doesn't want to return back to RiverClan. Shrimpkit wonders if it would have been the same for her if she would've been the one getting abducted. Icecream tells them they must stay away from Skadi at all costs, because he doesn't want to loose them as well. Shrimpkit understands his reasoning but isn't quite sure she would turn around upon seeing her lost sister again...

The day she dreaded finally comes. She is 6 moons when Pantherstar holds the Ceremony. Shrimpkit recieves her name Shrimppaw and gets Littlefish as her mentor. Shrimppaw doesn't know Littlefish and hopes she is a good mentor with whom she can feel herself with. And hopefully Littlefish isn't all too strict...

But before she starts her training, she asks Hermitpaw to claim a spot in the Apprentice Den together. There he tells her he wants to sneak out to search for Crabkit, even when their father said he didn't want them to. Shrimppaw is doubting about this, but eventually agrees on the condition they'd both have a fight training for the basics.

For her first training with Littlefish she is quite nervous, but warms up pretty quickly. She learns about RiverClans territory. Soon after she asks for a fight training, which she gets. After that she agrees to go with Hermitpaw to search for their lost sister.

Hermitpaw en she sneak away to Twoleg Territory, where they soon find their lost sister. They try talking her into coming back home, but Crab - or now Skadi - won't listen, telling them she belongs with the Elite and is chosen by StarClan to become great there. Shrimppaw has difficulty believing that, and just wants her to come back home. Their sister however threatens them and later attacks Hermitpaw. Shrimp tries to knock off the fighting and decides she wants to go home. She feels like she's abandoning her sister, but this fighting isn't helping either. Eventually they manage to leave.

When she is 7 moons old, a couple of ShadowClanners come to RiverClan to ask for help. Their Clan has been taken over by BloodClan, and Tallstar had betrayed them. As soon as Coyotespirit announced she needed a helping hand, Shrimppaw volunteered. She wanted to help, but she also really wanted to see if her sister were there too.

As soon as they arrived there, chaos breaks out. Shrimppaw picked out a spot with the herbs and is waiting for Coyotespirit to return from the Medicien Cat's Den, but she doesn't. Instead, she meets her sister again. Shrimp tries to get through to her, saying she doesn't want to fight and this isn't needed. Skadi however attacks her anyway, and Shrimp realizes it's too late for her to return home. She fights back, making some scratches, but luckily she gets saved by her mentor Littlefish.

The Clans loose the fight and return home. Chivysniff there took away her own life, which makes the moral of the Clan not great either. Shrimppaw can't stop thinking about her sister as well. Some days after the fight, Coyotespirit announces that StarClan has given her a sign of who the next Medicine Cat Apprentice will be. Shrimppaw is really surprised to hear her own name, but when realization hits she is very honored by StarClans choice.

Medicine Cat Apprentice
Shrimppaw soon gets her first training as Medicine Cat Apprentice.

And the rest will be added later because what is a too long history am i right?

be the reason someone believves in the goodness of others  

moet dit ff ergens kwijt xoxo KyedO0u
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