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 V ~ Winterbear

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Quote: you sleep so happily

V ~ Winterbear Empty
PostSubject: V ~ Winterbear   V ~ Winterbear EmptySun Feb 16, 2020 5:04 pm

say hello to me 'till all the bad days


V Name Winterkit ~ Winterpaw ~ Winterbear
V Age 6 Moons
V Gender Tomcat
V Clan BoulderClan
V Rank Apprentice
V Bloodline 100% BoulderClan

V Mentor Darkstar
V Apprentice x
V Parents Mapleflower & Cloudnose
V Siblings x
V Mate x
V Offspring x

V Appearance

V Personality

V History

V Skills

V Trivia

they're nothing to me with you

Thank you Sarah!

V ~ Winterbear WmsY1qS
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V ~ Winterbear
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